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[FO] Tuition Fee Debit Note for 2024/25 Semester 1

Finance Office -

[This message is NOT intended for 2024/25 intakes]

Dear students,

As per our previous message of 15 July 2024, the Finance Office is pleased to announce that Tuition Fee Debit Notes for 2024/2025 Semester 1 have been issued to your student portal account today. You may access the debit note through the Student Portal with the URL below:

Student Portal URL: https://portal.gcc.edu.hk

The deadline for the payment of 2024/2025 Semester 1 tuition fee is 30 August 2024. If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Office for assistance by writing an email to studentfee@gratia.edu.hk or calling/WhatsApp 58044145.

Please refer to the debit note for payment instructions. The following payment methods are accepted:

  1. JETCO ATM (college merchant ID is 9432)
  2. eBanking Bill Payment
  3. Faster Payment Service (FPS ID is 162568141)


  1. Please enter your Student ID as remark/reference in the above transaction.
  2. Keep a screen capture of the confirmed transaction as a record.
  3. If you pay with method other then the above payment methods, you must email the screen capture of the confirmed transaction to studentfee@gratia.edu.hk
  4. A fixed penalty of HK$300 will be charged for late payment.
  5. Please notify the Finance Office in case of difficulty.

Thank you for your attention.

Finance Office
Gratia Christian College

Announcement of 2023-24 Semester 2 Assessment Results

NG Terry -

Dear Students,

Please be informed that the 2023-24 Semester 2 Assessment Results have been finalised by the Academic Board. The latest Academic Report and Study Progression Report have been posted to your student portal.

Please click here to access to your student portal. Or, enter "https://portal.gcc.edu.hk" in the address bar of the browser. It can also be accessed through the Registry website under "Current Student".

Please note that the assessment result of a few courses, eg. Practicum, are yet to be finalised. They are marked "Pending". Updates will be posted to your student portal as soon as possible.

If you have failed any one of the courses, you may be required to Retake or Reassess the failed courses. You will be notified shortly via email with the details of the arrangement. 

If you have any objection to the awarded assessment results, you may file an appeal within 10 working days (on or before 3 June 2024).  Please refer to Paragraph 5.8 of the Student Handbook for details. Late application of appeal will not be processed.

Also, some of you have earned enough credits to graduate. You will be notified by the Registry will the Graduation Documents are ready for collection. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the Registry should you have any questions or concerns.


PS: Assessment Results posted in the Moodle System are superseded by data published in the latest Academic Report. 


Yours sincerely,
Dr Terry NG