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Course Add/Drop/Exemption Application for Semester 2 to open 14 December

CHEN Moses Ying Jie發表於

Dear students, 

Good afternoon.

As we approach the start of Semester 2, the Course Add, Course Drop, and Exemption Application Forms will soon be opened on 14 December (Thursday) at 12:00 pm Noontime.  

You are reminded that you need to fill in the Course Add Forms for choosing elective courses only, or any additional courses outside of your normal study progression.  Do not fill in the form for compulsory courses as this would increase our administrative workload. 

In order to have an informed understanding of your own study, please take some time to look at your study progression, and the courses you would need to complete in order to graduate in a timely manner through the course progression presented to you in your student portal. 

Please be advised, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Registry. We would be happy to assist you. 

Thank you and warm regards,

TEQ on every course page now

WUN Yuet Ping Vivian發表於

Dear Students,

Please be reminded that a hyperlink of the online Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire (TEQ) exercise for this semester is ready for your access on every course page at the Moodle system.  You may complete the questionnaire for the lecturers/tutors of your enrolling courses at anytime after login.  Your support and participation is being highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Vivian Wun