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    Course Add / Drop / Exemption Applications now Open for 2023-24 Semester 3

    CHEN Moses Ying Jie發表於

    Dear students, 

    Good day.

    Please be informed that the Course Add/Drop/Exemption forms are now open. They will remain open until the end of Week 2 of the Summer semester (12 O'clock Noon of 25 May 2024).

    DO NOT SUBMIT FORMS TO ADD FOR COMPULSORY COURSES -- this unnecessarily increases the burden of processing for us. 

    You are allowed to fill in only ONE course per form submission. The Registry will not process forms that have more than one course entered per submission.

    In courses with limited spaces, Course Add forms will be processed on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED BASISbased on the the time of form submission.

    These forms will be processed by the Registry every few days. The results are not instantaneous, and your application is not guaranteed to be approved.

    You may find the access to the Course Add/Drop/Exemption forms on the Registry website under the menu bar for "Current Students":


    Or linked here for your convenience:

    Course Add Application

    Course Drop Application

    Course Exemption Application


    Kindly please be reminded if you are a BSW student who wishes to Add/Drop compulsory (non-elective) courses, that you will need to fill in the Request for Change of Study Plan with the School of Social Work and get approval from your programme director before the Registry can take any action:

    Request for Change of Study Plan 

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Happy learning!

    TEQ and QPSS

    CHUI HS發表於

    Dear Students:

    Please try your best to respond to the Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire (TEQ) and the Questionnaire on Programme and Supporting Services (QPSS) for the second semester. The College attaches great importance to improving the quality of teaching. Your input is kept strictly confidential and will be shown to teachers concerned for their reflections and improvement. The College administration will also use the statistics from your responses to evaluate the quality of teaching and to provide inputs needed in future to improve the quality of teaching and service. You are advised to use the Moodle to respond to the questionnaires for courses you take in the second semester.

    With best regards,

    H S Chui