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2022/23 Semester 2 Timetables

by NG Terry -

Dear Students,

The 2022/23 Semester 2 Timetables have been released in the Registry website. The URL is http://www.gcc.edu.hk/registry/timetables/I would like to draw your attention on the following points please:

  1. You must login with the college assigned email address to view the information.
  2. Course Add/Drop application must be submitted on or before the end of week 2. Late application will not be processed.
  3. Course Exemption (Credit Transfer) application must be submitted on or before the end of week 2. Please submit all the required documents to avoid delay in processing.
  4. You are encouraged to take the initiative to select the Elective Courses available to/required by your programme. Please contact the Registry for details.
  5. The Moodle Course Pages will be available 2 weeks before the commencement of the Semester. You are required to check your course enrollment carefully.
  6. You may be allowed to enroll to the courses offered by the other programmes. You are strongly encouraged to take a look of the other programme's timetable.
  7. If you are unable to attend any lecture, you must complete the Leave of Absence application form BEFORE the lecture day.
  8. Please consult your student portal for information related to your study progression and billing. URL to your student portal is https://portal.gcc.edu.hk/~SID/private (replace SID with your student ID).
  9. The latest version of the Student Handbook is here.

Please contact the relevant lecturers (email please) or Registry (whatsapp or call 58044140) should you have any questions.


Last but not least, I would like to wish you a successful end of course assessment ahead.


Dr Terry NG

Registrar of the College


[Superior Culture 上‧文化] 春聯書法大賽2023

by NG Winnie Wai Yi -


春聯組 : 自選新春對聯,字體及內容不限

賀詞揮春組 : 自選四字賀詞揮春,字體及內容不限

單字揮春組 : 自選單字、組合字或自創組合字揮春,字體及內容不限

「福」字揮春組 : 只限「福」字揮春,字體不限




G組    公開組    年齡不限





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