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Academic Report of 2022-23 Semester 2

by NG Terry -
Dear Students,
Please be informed that the assessment results of 2022/23 Semester 2 have been approved by the Academic Board. The Academic Report is available in your personal student portal which can be accessed through the following URL:
*replace SID with your student ID. Please login using your Student ID and password (the one used for Moodle).
For example, if your student ID is S21992345, the URL to your personal student portal is 
  • For those who are graduating this Semester, you will be notified with your Graduation Details shortly.
  • Failed courses are subject to either supplementary assessment or course retake. The Registry will contact you shortly with the detailed arrangement. 
  • Course result with PENDING or I status will be updated upon the completion of the assessment process. Your academic report will be updated upon receiving endorsement by the Programme and Academic Board.
  • If you have outstanding fees, your Academic Report may be withheld. Please contact the Finance Office (Call or WhatsApp 58044145) for arrangement of fee settlement.
  • Please contact ITSO (58044148) or Registry (Call 58044143 or WhatsApp 58044140) should you have problem accessing the student portal.
Dr Terry NG


by WONG Hoi Lam Jess -



基恩敬拜現正招募青年音樂人,包括「基恩敬拜青唱俠」(無伴奏合唱) 以及「基恩敬拜青年樂隊」(主領/司琴/司他/低音結他/鼓手)。 歡迎18至35歲基督徒參與,有意參加及查詢,請參閱以下詳情資料及報名。

收費: 每月行政費 $190/兩次練習
地點: 基恩敬拜中心(九龍觀塘榮業街2號振萬廣場711室)
主辦單位: 基恩敬拜音樂事工
查詢電話: +852 3422-3399
電郵: info@agwmm.org
WhatsApp 5579-7131


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