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【S Project】Her First Priority

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Re: 【S Project】Her First Priority
by School of General Education - Friday, 8 March 2019, 10:57 AM

Not everyone knows Simon; most of us don’t. As an executive officer, he had been working at Gratia for three years before he left us a year ago.

Like us, Simon is a mere mortal, who may make a blunder every now and then. Yet, he’s as quiet as a punching bag, and seldom, if ever, asserts himself when challenged. Such disposition, however, can make him vulnerable, being punched ruthlessly.

I have to confess there must be a time I raised my voice at him, sometimes even for no good reason.

In contrast, Kanis took a different approach. Performance is not the sole yardstick that she measures others. Instead, she attaches importance to growth and potential as well. That’s why she set aside time for Simon, plus others working closely with her. That’s why she chooses to see and build strength, rather than weakness, in others. Yes, a servant-leader is a timeful friend.