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【S Project】Her First Priority

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【S Project】Her First Priority
by School of General Education - Friday, 8 March 2019, 10:48 AM

Simon Ip

While Gratia is full of selfless individuals who put others’ needs and necessities before their own needs, one of the best examples of a leader being a servant would be Ms Kanis Chu, our Student Development Office Manager.

When I first met Kanis, she struck me as a kind and encouraging individual, never hesitating to serve others and providing help to anyone she met or worked with. Kanis was in charge of all student development issues and was my direct line manager, but she never gave me the impression of being someone placing herself in a superior position and treating her colleagues as inferiors.

I vividly remember that in the previous student orientation camp which I participated in, she personally escorted a student to hospital after he was injured in an activity, even though that meant she was deprived of the opportunity to join all activities in the afternoon. This shows she truly cared about students and gave them top priority.

Apart from that, in the Women Servant Leadership Award Ceremony held in March 2018, she dedicated her heart and soul to the preparation work, such as attending students’ rehearsals and transporting musical instruments from the College to the venue (digging deep into her pocket without reimbursing from the College). Such example speaks volumes about her servant heart; others’ needs often triumph over hers’.

Furthermore, Kanis always listened to my thoughts and concerns, and provided encouraging feedback to help me get over my obstacles and hardships. For example, she took initiatives to arrange one-on-one meetings with me, sacrificing her precious working time to discuss my life goals and aspirations so that I could overcome my problems and become a better person. I recall that she once prayed with me to ask God to help me with my obstacles and to grant me direction and guidance. Her faith in God and care for me has truly inspired and moved me.

There are many more other examples that show Kanis is a remarkable servant leader, and she definitely exemplifies a kind and selfless individual. After knowing her for two years, it is my sincere wish that I can learn from her and help spread her kindness to others, so as to bring God’s love to all corners of the community and the world.

Picture of School of General Education
Re: 【S Project】Her First Priority
by School of General Education - Friday, 8 March 2019, 10:57 AM

Not everyone knows Simon; most of us don’t. As an executive officer, he had been working at Gratia for three years before he left us a year ago.

Like us, Simon is a mere mortal, who may make a blunder every now and then. Yet, he’s as quiet as a punching bag, and seldom, if ever, asserts himself when challenged. Such disposition, however, can make him vulnerable, being punched ruthlessly.

I have to confess there must be a time I raised my voice at him, sometimes even for no good reason.

In contrast, Kanis took a different approach. Performance is not the sole yardstick that she measures others. Instead, she attaches importance to growth and potential as well. That’s why she set aside time for Simon, plus others working closely with her. That’s why she chooses to see and build strength, rather than weakness, in others. Yes, a servant-leader is a timeful friend.