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[Reminder] Arrangement for Credit Transfer and Course Add / Drop

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[Reminder] Arrangement for Credit Transfer and Course Add / Drop
by FOK Chun Wai Ian - Monday, 29 January 2018, 5:56 PM
[Reminder] Arrangement for Credit Transfer and Course Add / Drop
1. Course Exemption and Credit Transfer
Students who have undertaken previous study outside GCC which is relevant to his/her current programme may apply for credit transfer/course exemption if they wish to have these studies recognised for the current programme. 

2. Course Add / Drop
Students are allowed to change their elective courses during the add/drop period (the first two weeks of semester).  For adding of courses, decision of approval is subject to the feasibility of fitting the additional course into the student’s timetable and the availability of places for the course. For dropping of courses, it is subject to the condition that the number of courses taken by a student in a semester should not fall below four. Discretion may be exercised for special cases.

3. Application Form
To apply, please download form GCC-REG-002(for Course Exemption and Credit Transfer) and/or GCC-REG-010(for Course Add / Drop via http://www.gcc.edu.hk/registry/useful-resources/, and follow the instructions as indicated.  Please note that completed application form(s) with supporting documents should be submitted to the Registry within the first two weeks of semester.
4. Further Details
You are strongly advised to read Item 2. Admission and Registration of the Student Handbook for details.
Thank you.
Warm regards,
Ian Fok