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[NOTICE!!] Research Funding Available for Students

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[NOTICE!!] Research Funding Available for Students
by Yeung Raymond - Friday, 22 September 2017, 2:09 PM

Dear Students,

Through the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS), Research Grants Council (RGC) provided a maximum of HK$5,000 for small-scaled collaborative projects Gratia students undertake in 2017-18. It aims to encourage GCC students to apply what they have learned through knowledge exchange in a student-centred, performance-based, and shared-responsibility research culture. The fund supports the following activities:

  1. student research projects including the final year project (e.g., expenses on data collection, participation incentives, poster display etc.); and

  2. research workshop / conference / seminar attendance in China, Hong Kong and Macau (e.g., registration fee, travelling expenses and accommodation). 

Students who are interested in the above Scheme can contact your Programme Director for more details. The Application Guidelines and Procedures, Application Form, Departmental Endorsement can be downloaded from the website of GCC: http://www.gcc.edu.hk/ro/download/ or please refer to Section 2.1.2 of the Research Handbook if you want to know more about the scheme.

Thanks for your kind attention.

The Research Office