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Picture of LI Collin Ho Lun
by LI Collin Ho Lun - Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 1:43 PM

Dear Gratians,

At last, the second issue of the Footer Press comes out! Four students have rolled up their sleeves, leaving their footprints in the community.

Here is a brief overview of their articles. Grace Lai directs our attention to the deceptively ordinary, yellow paths in Shek Kip Mei. Ah Lok recounts his mystic encounter with Nelson Mandela. Tammy Chu tells us the secret of how to keep our waistlines under control. Chelsea Chan gives a stunning performance of human combustion.

We’re indebted to four other unsung heroes whose contribution asks for no public recognition. Sindy added a finishing touch to the press, and is rightly deserved to call herself as the chief editor. Ian took the initiative and sent one article to an NGO. Kanis gave invaluable feedback to the first draft. Dr Pang set aside time to devour the whole text, and kindly left this remark.

“I just read through it. The readers like me are enlightened by their experience and reflection. The Footer Press will likely extend their horizon and physical space of the campus. The pieces of work are full of feelings and insights. As they write, they are, I think, shaping their own lives and worldviews.”

You see, never belittle yourself.

You’ll get a copy soon. After reading it, strike up a conversation with the contributors, and, better still, pick up a pen to write yours. Take my word for it. We’re bubbling with joy when we see in you the tendency to


The Community Service Working Group

Mrs. Lam Stella
Re: 洗腳報
by LAM Wai Man Stella - Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 2:35 PM

Dear Collin,

Well done.  God bless all your works.  今天我重拾使命人生,為這社區和群體去學習耶穌的謙卑服事彼此洗脚.


Picture of LI Collin Ho Lun
Re: 洗腳報
by LI Collin Ho Lun - Friday, 15 September 2017, 11:06 AM

Thank Stella! Yes, great to rekindle our passion. I see it in our contributors and in you as well :)