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[FO] AY2023/24 Semester 2 Tuition Fee Payment Reminder

[FO] AY2023/24 Semester 2 Tuition Fee Payment Reminder

by Finance Office -
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Dear Students,

Christmas is around the corner. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Following on our announcement on 1 December 2023 & payment reminder on 14 December 2023, the payment deadline for Tuition Fee Debit Note for 2023/24 Semester 2 will soon be due on 27 December 2023. 

According to the Student Handbook 2023/24, late tuition payment penalty of HK$300 will be chargeable to any students who did not pay on or before 27 December 2023.

To avoid to miss payment deadline and save your time, you can pay through Faster Payment System (FPS). Below is the tips for you.

1.    Login to your on-line banking

2.    Select FPS

3.    Type College’s FPS ID: 162568141

4.    Enter tuition fee amount

5.    Type your student ID number in the message box

6.    Follow the on-screen instruction to confirm the payment.

7.    Capture the screen as payment proof and send email to studentfee@gratia.edu.hk

In case you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to financeoffice@gratia.edu.hk.

Hope you all have a happy holiday then.  

Thank you for your kind attention.


Finance Office

Gratia Christian College