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[LIB] Explore top-read articles from the journals of APS

[LIB] Explore top-read articles from the journals of APS

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Featured articles

A Personal Model of Trumpery: Linguistic Deception Detection in a Real-World High-Stakes Setting by Sophie Van Der Zee, Ronald Poppe, Alice Havrileck, and Aurélien Baillon
from Psychological Science
Climate Change and Children’s Mental Health: A Developmental Perspective by Francis Vergunst and Helen L. Berry
from Clinical Psychological Science
Do Social Networking Sites Influence Well-Being? The Extended Active-Passive Model by Philippe Verduyn, Nino Gugushvili, and Ethan Kross
from Current Directions in Psychological Science
Nudgeability: Mapping Conditions of Susceptibility to Nudge Influence by Denise de Ridder, Floor Kroese, and Laurens van Gestel
from Perspectives on Psychological Science
The Science of Visual Data Communication: What Works by Steven L. Franconeri, Lace M. Padilla, Priti Shah, Jeffrey M. Zacks, and Jessica Hullman
from Psychological Science in the Public Interest
The Role of Human Fallibility in Psychological Research: A Survey of Mistakes in Data Management by Marton Kovacs, Rink Hoekstra, and Balazs Aczel
from Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science

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