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Together we will triumph the Pandemic: Campus Access Arrangement

Together we will triumph the Pandemic: Campus Access Arrangement
by NG Terry - Wednesday, 1 September 2021, 8:03 PM

Dear Students,

Further to my previous message regarding the arrangement for the 2021/22 Academic Year under the COVID-19 Pandemic, I would like to share with you the implementation details please.

To safe guard the health safety of our students and staff, principles described in this document, which has been published in the Registry website, must be observed. You are required to fulfill the following conditions in order to be allowed to access the building:

  • Vaccinated (with at least one dose of vaccine) OR posses a less than 14-days old negative COVID-19 test result of your own, AND
  • agree to be highly aware of personal hygiene, AND
  • agree to keep Social Distancing, AND
  • agree to keep a Hygienic Campus.

For your information, more than 93% of our staff have been vaccinated. As part of the College community, it is your obligation to show your fulfillment of the above conditions by verifying your health status upon entering the Campus. Please declare your status of vaccination or COVID-19 test through the Health Declaration System (https://health.gcc.edu.hk). Please do it now or before your first lecture in the coming Semester.

To facilitate verification of your health status, two terminals will be installed at the main entrance for such a purpose. Verification procedures are as follow:

  1. Present your Student / Staff card to the card reader.
  2. A Green Screen will be shown if you have fulfilled the health requirements.
  3. A Red Screen indicating that you will need to update your health record through the Health Declaration System.
  4. Repeat from Step 1 until a Green Screen is shown.

Your attention is drawn on the following:

  • For the sake of the health safety of other students and our staff, you should not access the building if a Red Screen was shown.
  • While our staff will not stop you from entering the Campus, we will record the violation for later follow up.
  • We try to strike a good balance between your privacy and public health safety. Your cooperation will be rewarded with a safe learning environment for all.
  • Our College defence against the bCOVID-19 relies solely on the honesty of those concerned. You are trusted to declare with honesty and accuracy. False declaration will be treated seriously.

In short,

  • You are required to be either vaccinated or negatively COVID-19 tested in order to gain access to the campus.
  • If you are not medically suitable to be vaccinated, you must update your COVID-19 test result every 14 days.
  • If you are neither vaccinated nor negatively COVID-19 tested, you should NOT be accessing the campus. You should apply for on-line lecture in order to fulfill the attendance requirement. 
  • Write to us if you need financial support for the COVID-19 test or special arrangement for on-line lecture. Please refer to this document carefully before writing to us. Any missing information will result in unavoidable delay.


Together we shall triumph the Pandemic.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Terry NG

Registrar of the College