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2020-21 Academic and Non-Academic Scholarship result announcement

2020-21 Academic and Non-Academic Scholarship result announcement
by NG Terry - Friday, 27 August 2021, 1:03 PM

Dear Students,

As the new academic year is about to commence, I would like to share with you a great news of the 2020-21 Scholarship (Academic and Non-Academic)  result. Thanks to their hard work and outstanding performance, the scholarship have been awarded to your friends.

A simple and yet solemn presentation ceremony will be held during the first College Assembly on 6th September 2021. All awardees are cordially invited to the ceremony to receive the award please.


Academic Scholarships


Best in Academic Performance
  • LAU Ching Shun Katharos (S19030070)
  • LO Cheuk Him (S1703002)
  • YU Hoi Yan Marianna (S20041035)
  • YUEN Lok Yee (S19040463)
  • LI Ka Chun (S20070961)
  • LEUNG Chun Wing (S20080882)
  • CHUNG Wing Hang (S19080375)


Best Progress in Academic Performance
  • Year 1
    • CHO Cho Cheung (S20030853) BSW
  • Year 2
    • LEUNG Pok Yau (S19020323) BPsy
    • LAM Tsz Wai (S19030049) BSW
    • NG Hoi Ching (S19080504) HDCM
    • LIU Xiaoyin (S19040179) HDECE
    • WONG Tsz Tung (S19070330) HDPC
    • WANG Heng (S19060495) HDTBM
  • Year 3
    • CHEUNG Sau Ling (S1803279) BSW
  • Year 4
    • TSE Suk Wah (S19970253) BSW3


Non-Academic Scholarships


PAOC Spiritual Leadership Scholarship

(recognition of the holistic development of our students by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)

  • Leung Chun Wing
  • LAU Ching Shun Katharos


Best In-house Service Programme

(demonstrated good attitude toward in-house services)



CHO Cho Cheung Jerry



MA Yip Sum



TONG Noel Sincere




NG Ho Yin Ronald




CHEUNG Yan Yi Elaine



CHOI Cheong Lik Nick



Special In-house Service Award

(took initiative to volunteer in various areas related to College operation)

  • WONG Chung Shing
  • LEUNG Suet Ning Sharon


Best in Community Service

(demonstrated passion in the delivery of service, but also to different extents of CHRIST values)

  • TONG Noel Sincere
  • LAM Hiu Tung
  • LEUNG Chun Wing Patrick


Gratia Scholarship

(demonstrated both academic (GPA 3.0 or above) and non-academic achievements)

  • KE Ying Rainky
  • HUNG Kin Wai Kenneth
  • YU Hoi Yan


Thank you very much for your attention.

Dr Terry NG
Registrar of the College