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[For DSE candidates and their parents]「好想懶一懶」夏日電影分享會

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[For DSE candidates and their parents]「好想懶一懶」夏日電影分享會
by FOK Chun Wai Ian - Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 10:59 AM

You may know that the HKDSE results of this year will be announced on 11 July.  The Development and Communications Office (DCO) is going to organise a series of Movie Screening for DSE candidates and their parents to give them a break time, as well as to make our College known to them.

Fellow Gratians, may I seek your help to make use of your secondary school/friends/youngster networks to help promoting this events?

Three simple steps to help
Step 1: Open Whatsapp/Link/WeChat/Snapchat..., and forward the hyperlink of event page http://www.gcc.edu.hk/movie-screening to your contacts.
Step 2: Open Facebook, and share this post to your friends.
Step 3: Meet your friends, and tell them about this wonderful event.

Please feel free to call Ian if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Warm regards,
Ian Fok

Development and Communications Office  
   (852) 5804 4144 | dco@gratia.edu.hk | Room G00, Ground Floor, Gratia Christian College