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[Sports X Cultural Exchange] Invitation for GCC Students to go cycling with high school students from Singapore

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[Sports X Cultural Exchange] Invitation for GCC Students to go cycling with high school students from Singapore
by Student Development Office GCC - Monday, 13 November 2017, 5:22 PM

Dear students,

A group of 17 students from Pioneer Junior College (Singapore) will visit Hong Kong next week for an adventure cum cultural immersion experience. GCC has been invited to join them in an afternoon session on 24 November (Friday) for the promotion of friendship bonding between Singapore and Hong Kong. We are looking for 8 students to join this meaningful and exciting activity, and to expand their horizon while developing compassion and regional perspectives thought this sports exchange opportunity. 

Details are as follows:

Date: 24 Nov 2017 (next Friday)

Time: 2:00p.m. To 6:00p.m. (tentatively)

Route: From Shatin to Tai Po (around 40km)


Meeting Location: Shatin Park(沙田源禾路沙田公園)

Remarks: The organizer will rent the bikes at添好運單車(in Shatin Park) for all participants. GCC students do not necessarily need to prepare their own bikes.



Programme background

Name of the Organizer: Pioneer Junior College (pioneerjc.moe.edu.sg)

No of participants: 15 students (Both boys and girls, with the average age of 17 years old), and 2 teachers

Learning Objectives: 

• To enhance the spirit of teamwork by planning, discussion and communication with team members 

• To promote sports and strive for harmonious development of mind and body as well as for holistic education

• To promote virtues of sports and sportsmanship and to propagate and understand the Olympic spirit

• To employ creative and critical thinking through challenge and problem solving

• To increase the awareness and understanding between nations through active sports 


Reason for cycling in Hong Kong:

To develop values such as resilience and responsibility through the trekking, climbing, cycling components as they learn to persevere despite being in a physically challenging situation and to encourage one another knowing that they not only have to be responsible to themselves, but also to their friends.




If you want to be one of them, please sign up your name on the “ School Activity” notice board in Room 202. Please enroll / indicate your availability as soon as possible for further planning.


Enrollment Deadline: 20 November 2017


For inquiries, please contact Kanis (5804 4142 / Room 401).


Best Regards,

Student Development Office