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[FO]Tuition Fee Debit Note for 2023/24 Semester 2

[FO]Tuition Fee Debit Note for 2023/24 Semester 2

by Finance Office -
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Dear students,

Please be informed that the Tuition Fee Debit Notes for 2023 Semester 2 are issued to your student portal account by today (i.e. 1 December 2023) which can be accessed through:


* replace SID with your student ID.

tuition fee debit note

The deadline for the payment of 2023 Semester 2 tuition fee is 27 December 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Finance Office for assistance by writing an email to financeoffice@gratia.edu.hk or phone to 58044145.

From 2023/24 academic year onward, the new late payment policy will be enforced.

a)         If students fail to settle the tuition fee on or before the payment due date or by a later date specified when the deferral is granted:

1.         They will be charged a penalty of HK$300; and

2.         If they fail to settle the outstanding fees within two weeks from the due date, they shall be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from the College.

b)         For subsequent reinstatement of student status, the student will have to pay a surcharge of HK$500.

c)         Reinstatement of the student status will not be considered for unofficially withdrawn students with prolonged overdue fees of more than four weeks, who will then be required to re-apply for admission by adopting normal procedures.

d)         The College may resort to legal recourse such as filing a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal for recovery of tuition fees that are long overdue.


Finance Office

Gratia Christian College