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Add/Drop/Exemption Reminder

Add/Drop/Exemption Reminder

CHEN Moses Ying Jie發表於
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Dear students, 

The Add/Drop/Exemption period will end at the end of the week. 

The deadline for applications is 16th September 2023 (Saturday) at 12:00 PM (Noontime). 

Those of you who have yet to submit your exemption application, or pay the administration fee are reminded to do so at your earliest convenience as no more applications will be entertained after the deadline.

If you have filled in the Add/Drop forms for some time, but have not seen the application reflected on Moodle up to now, please contact the Registry. 

This is a reminder that you may find the access to the Course Add/Drop/Exemption forms on the Registry website under the menu bar for "Current Students"


Or linked here for your convenience:

Course Add Application

Course Drop Application

Course Exemption Application

Thank you.

Happy learning.

Moses Chen