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Printing Quota System Activated

Printing Quota System Activated

by NG Terry -
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Please be informed that the Printing Quota System has been activated. Your account has been credited with an annual printing allowance of $60 which is equivalent to 200 pages of A4 gray level printing. Please refer the following table for various printing costs:

  • A4-gray ($0.3 per page)
  • A4-colour ($0.9 per page)
  • A4-gray-duplex ($0.4 per sheet)
  • A4-colour-duplex ($1.4 per sheet)
  • A3-gray ($0.6 per page)
  • A3-colour ($1.8 per page)
  • A3-gray-duplex ($0.8 per sheet)
  • A3-colour-duplex ($2.8 per sheet)

You may check the balance of your printing quota here. The system will also estimate your impact to the environment. You are encourage to observe the green printing policy.

To increase your print quota, you may purchase a "Redeem Card" at the Registry. The face value of each redeem card is $60. Simply login to your account here and key in the redeem card number. 

Thank you very much for your attention.

Dr Terry Ng