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[LIB] SAGE OpenAccess

[LIB] SAGE OpenAccess

by LAM Yi Ling Elaine -
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Autism & Developmental Language Impairments


Play-based interventions to support social and communication development in autistic children aged 2–8 years: A scoping review by Jenny L Gibson, Emma Pritchard, Carmen de Lemos

Oral language comprehension interventions in school-age children and adolescents with developmental language disorder: A systematic scoping review by Sirpa Tarvainen, Kaisa Launonen, Suvi Stolt

Tact instruction for children with autism spectrum disorder: A review by MY Savana Bak, Ana D Dueñas, Sarah M Avendaño, Ariel C Graham, Tavon Stanley

Autistic adults’ experiences of diagnostic disclosure in the workplace: Decision-making and factors associated with outcomes by Anna Melissa Romualdez, Zachary Walker, Anna Remington

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