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[Library] Learning out of the box

[Library] Learning out of the box

by LAM Yi Ling Elaine -
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The role of positive psychological constructs in diet and eating behavior among people with metabolic syndrome: A qualitative study by Alba Carrillo, Emily H Feig, Lauren E Harnedy, Jeff C Huffman, Elyse R Park, Anne N Thorndike, Sonia Kim, and Rachel A Millstein

The role of parent-to-child maltreatment in the pathway of self-reported depressive symptoms in Pakistani adolescents by Maryam Pyar Ali Lakhdir, Naureen Akber Ali, Ghazal Peerwani, Salima Farooq, Asif Khaliq, Apsara Ali Nathwani, and Syed Iqbal Azam

The Characteristics of Canadian University Students’ Mental Health, Engagement in Activities and Use of Smartphones: A descriptive pilot study by Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Jill Stier, Luma Ayyoub, Lauren Hutchinson, Jamie Laframboise, and Alex Mihailidis

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