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Attendance in all online classes

Attendance in all online classes

by NG Terry -
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Dear Students,

It has been weeks since the College has adapted full online mode of teaching and learning. In order to maintain the quality of the teaching and learning, it is imperative for us to walk the extra mile overcoming the difficulties, such as participation, in class. You are kindly reminded to observe the following:

  1. Turn on your camera all the time and show your face. It is meant to facilitate proper interaction in the class. Although it is ok not to show your face momentarily, you must do it when you are prompted by the Lecturer.
  2. Response to Q&A prompt by the Lecturer. If you are not able to response to the Q&A promptly, it is reasonable to think that you left the class and your absence will be reflected in the attendance record accordingly.
  3. Please check your attendance rate through the Moodle system or your student portal. In case of discrepancy, contact the Lecturer directly as soon as possible. If your attendance is below 80%, you will not be allowed to take the Major Assessment (assignment/essay/project/presentation/exam).
  4. All assignments must be submitted in PDF format through the Moodle system.


Please contact your Lecturer or Registry should have any difficulty.


Dr Terry NG