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College Updates

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Dear Fellow Students,

Updates to Students from the College Management 

Without doubt, a lot of you have been going through some unsettling times in the past few weeks.  Hope you and your family are doing fine!  Loads of COVID-19 information and news probably have overwhelmed you lately.  You may wish to switch your attention to some updates from the College Management and to get connected with other Gratians.

College Operation

In view of the rapid surge of confirmed cases earlier and the growing threat of invisible transmission chains, the College Management resumed full online teaching with effect from 24 January 2022.  Campus operation was adjusted with opening hours from 9:00 am till 5:45 pm from Monday to Friday (closed in the evening and on Saturday).  Since then, the College has been maintaining a skeleton staff force for selected operating units to provide the essential support and service.  The anti-epidemic measure of Vaccine Pass arrangement also took effect from 24 February 2022.  Access to the campus now requires using the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app, which is the only means for vaccination record or medical exemption certificate verification.

Teaching and Learning

Academic results of the 1st semester have been released and the 2nd semester is half way already.  During this period, colleagues have been making extra efforts to maintain the continuity and quality of teaching and learning.  With the experience and practice in operating on-line teaching during the pandemic in these two years, we hope most of you could manage the change smoothly.  We are a caring community.  Don’t hesitate to seek support and guidance if you encounter difficulties.  Remember we have different points of contact in place to render the support you may need, including lecturers, mentor, Student Development Office and Counsellor, etc.  By the way, the Student Staff Consultative meeting is being arranged.  We shall collect your opinions and feedback to areas in need of support and improvement.  

Student Development

We are aware that students’ engagement in community service and in-house service are considerably disrupted in the past few months.  For those graduates-to-be, our colleagues have been exploring different opportunities for fulfilling the service requirement for graduation in an alternative way.  Initiatives like Pay-it-Forward Scheme / Good Neighbour Scheme “拉闊愛的人” and“送禮高手”are possible options for you to take it forward.  Step up your efforts and act now.

Programme Development and Re-accreditation

Reports on different programme exercises have been received from the regulatory bodies concerned.  The Bachelor of Social Work Programme was recommended by the Social Workers Registration Board in its Interim Report for continued recognition for a period of 4 years and for the launching of the new part-time conversion mode (Year 3 entry).  The proposed Higher Diploma in Social Work Programme was also recommended for running 3 years.  Besides, two existing higher diploma (HD) programmes, HD in Transformative Business Management and HD in Psychology and Counselling, were confirmed for continued offer for a period of three years.  The validity period for all aforesaid programmes commences in 2022/23.

To meet the need of the working adults in the industry for career advancement, the College has developed a one-year part-time Professional Diploma Programme in Property and Facilities Management.  Accreditation of the proposed programme will be held in May 2022.

Graduation Ceremony

Despite our earnest hope for holding the Graduation Ceremony scheduled for this March, the College Management reluctantly had to call off the event.  As spreading of the coronavirus disease in the local community has never been that threatening since its outbreak, we reckon that this is the only and right choice to make when the safety of hundreds of participants is involved.  We know how disappointing it would be for our graduates and members of the College community.  Just hope that the pandemic will pass away in the near future when we could gather safely and celebrate with our graduates.

Stay Healthy and Stay Focused

The pandemic situation keeps evolving and there might be more disruptions to our normal life in the days ahead.  Our advice is to make efforts to stay focused on your study while keeping yourself physically and mentally strong during these tough times.  As you could see, different Units/Offices of the College have been reaching out to keep you informed of the necessary information and timely advice.  Stay tuned for their updates and announcements.

With best wishes!

College Management