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2021-22 Semester 1 Supplementary Assessment Result

2021-22 Semester 1 Supplementary Assessment Result

by NG Terry -
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Dear Students,

Please be informed that the 2021-22 Semester 1Supplementary Assessment Results have been finalised. If you are required to sit for the Supplementary Assessment, your Academic Report has been updated accordingly. The Academic Report has been delivered to your student portal. Please refer to this message for details accessing the student portal.


  • The Assessment Result of some courses is still Pending due to some reasons. Please consult the Programme Director for the assessment progress.
  • If you have outstanding tuition fee, your academic report will be held until the full amount of the tuition fee has been settled. Please contact Finance Office for payment details.
  • If you have objection to the finalised assessment result, you must file an Appeal of Assessment application within 5 working days from the date of result announcement.


Dr Terry NG