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FULL On-line Teaching and Learning until the end of Semester 2 or further notice

FULL On-line Teaching and Learning until the end of Semester 2 or further notice

by NG Terry -
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Dear Students and Lecturers,

I trust that you have already noticed the escalation of the Pandemic situation in Hong Kong. We should do our part to slow down the spreading of the COVID-19 as much as possible. Further to my previous message of "On-line Teaching and Learning Arrangement extended to 18 Feb 2022", the College Management has decided to have all Teaching and Learning Activities conducted in On-Line Mode ONLY. While the Admin staff have been trying their best to keep the College Operations going, your cooperation is required to observe the following items please:

  • ALL Teaching and Learning Activities (T&L) are to be conducted on-line only;
  • Campus opening hours: 9:00am to 5:45pm Monday to Friday. Close on Saturday;
  • During Campus Opening hours (9:00am to 5:45pm):
    • All T&L should be on-line and avoid on-campus T&L as much as possible;
    • On-campus T&L is strongly discouraged;
  • Campus closed (after 5:45pm weekdays and on Saturday)
    • Conduct all T&L on-line;
    • NO on-campus T&L;
  • You should stay home as mush as possible and avoid unnecessary travelling;
    • Teaching Staff are encouraged to Work From Home;
    • Students are encouraged to Learn From Home;

I understand that you may be expecting some technical difficulties while adapting on-line T&L. In difficult time like this, we must gear up to overcome such challenges. Please contact ITSO or Registry for assistance. We can be reached through telephone, email, WhatsApp and Moodle. I am sure that your time and effort are well spent.


The College Management will monitor the development of the Pandemic closely and adjust the above arrangement appropriately.


All the best,

Dr Terry NG