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Addendum to the Teaching & Learning Arrangement of 2021/22 Academic Year

Addendum to the Teaching & Learning Arrangement of 2021/22 Academic Year

by NG Terry -
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Dear Students,

   In view of the recent development of the COVID-19 in our community, the College Management has decided to introduce on-line mode to the existing Teaching & Learning ArrangementThe mixed mode arrangement will be effective from 24 Jan 2022 until further notice.

   To safeguard the learning preference of some of the students, the Campus will remain open to whom enjoy attending the lectures in face-to-face mode. The usual quarantine measures remain effective. Please refer to this message for details.

   If you chose to attend the lectures in on-line mode, the Zoom link is available in all Moodle Course Page. You are required to comply to all classroom management requirements during the on-line sessions. In particular, you must

  • Ensure that your environment is safe and appropriate for the on-line class. Don’t connect to the on-line sessions while you are on the move or in a noisy place.
  • Camera must be on all the time. Lecturer(s) may not take attendance of those who have their camera off.
  • NO on-line sessions are allowed if you are in the Campus.
  • You must login to the Zoom session with your College assigned email address or simply using the “Login with Google” option

Please refer to this guidance note for details.

In case of difficulty, please contact

  • the Registry team (58044143) or
  • the Executive Officer of your school:
    • School of Business (business@gratia.edu.hk)
    • School of Psychology (psychology@gratia.edu.hk)
    • School of Social Work (socialwork@gratia.edu.hk)
    • School of Christian Ministry (scm@gratia.edu.hk)
    • School of Early Childhood Education (sece@gratia.edu.hk)
  • the ITSO team (58044148 or itso@gratia.edu.hk)

Your cooperation is much appreciated during this difficult time.


All the best,

Dr Terry NG


Gratia Christian College