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[REMINDER] English language support activities survey

[REMINDER] English language support activities survey

by LU Shelley Hangyan -
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Dear students,

This is the same survey I posted towards the end of 2021. Many thanks to those who have completed the survey anonymously and those who have volunteered to talk to me in person. Much valuable feedback has been received.

As it transpires that some students did not see the invitation as it was posted during the winter break, I am extending this invitation again----to those who did not fill out the survey before---- to fill out this quick survey (no longer than 1 minute) by 18 January 2022. It is about what activities you would be interested and able to join to practise and improve your English, and to have fun!  

Below is the link and QR code to the survey:



survey qr code.png

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to hearing from more of you.


The English Department