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Deadline approaching for Course Add/Drop/Exemption

Deadline approaching for Course Add/Drop/Exemption

by CHEN Moses Ying Jie -
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Dear students, 

Good morning and we hope you have had a restful weekend. 

As the Add/Drop Period for classes extends to the first two weeks of class, please kindly be informed that no further Course Add, Course Drop, or Course Exemption Applications will be entertained after the deadline of 15 January12:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Furthermore, please be sure to settle the administration fee of $150 per course credit for any exemption applications (a typical course contains 3 units of credit and therefore the fee is $450) by the same date, 15 JanuaryNo application will be processed if the fee is not received by the deadline. 

Please pay the administration fee at the General Office on the ground floor in cash.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.

Warm regards,