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College Updates
by AU Elisa - Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 3:46 PM

Dear Fellow Students,

Updates to Students from the College Management 

Warmest greetings, both new and returning students!  The phrase “back to school” probably has special meaning to most of you after the prolonged suspension of normal campus life.  Hope you are all thrilled to see everyone face-to-face (with a mask though) on campus and recharged for the new academic year.  Let us take this opportunity to walk you through some updates on the College operation. 

Teaching and Learning

In the past few months, the key priority of the College management was establishing an environment for safe return of both students and staff in the new academic year.  Health and hygienic measures have been stepped up, an important one of which is implementing the requirement of COVID-19 vaccination or regular testing for the entire College community, including both staff and students.  

As for day-to-day learning and activities, you are earnestly requested to observe social distancing in classrooms and anywhere of the campus, and make good use of the sanitizing supplies in each classroom.  Details could be referred to the Registrar’s announcement earlier on “GCC Arrangements for 2021-22 under the COVID-19 Pandemic” and the message on “Campus Access Arrangement’.  All in all, staying vigilant and rendering your full cooperation to maintain the place safe is crucially important. 

Student Support and Activities

As always, the College attaches great importance to student development and support. This year, we have engaged Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service as the service provider of student counselling and personal development programme.  The new counsellor, Ms Wing Kwan, will station on campus three days a week, namely Monday, Thursday and Friday.  You may also reach for support of Ms Genevieve Tsui, counsellor of the project funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS).  She is on duty every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

For freshmen, you are strongly encouraged to stay connect with your Mentor for study guidance and advice, and the Peer Tutor for their support to help you integrate into the new environment.  Do make use of the available resources and support to explore college life at Gratia.

With the resumption of on-campus operation, more workshops will be run for skills enhancement and for enrichment of your learning experience.  The government-funded QESS Project, “A Multi-dimensional Approach to Narrow the Learning Gaps among Students”, will continue this year to provide six workshops in each of the semesters 1 and 2.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the Student Development Office.

Programme Development 

Application made to add a 3-year part-time conversion mode (Year 3 entry) to the Bachelor of Social Work Programme was smoothly processed.  Proposed addition was in principle approved by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in August 2021 after a specialist review.  Upon approval of the same sought from the Social Workers Registration Board in November 2021, the conversion mode will be offered in September 2022 to meet the needs of the sector for professional development.

Enjoying Campus Life Again

We all know the recent outbreak of the Delta variant is threatening.  Life, though in a different way, has to go on.  With anti-epidemic efforts made by the College community, we hope you could treasure the opportunity of being here altogether and be able to enjoy campus life again.  Immerse yourself in classroom learning, group interaction, in-person participation in activities….., and get ready for a fulfilling academic year ahead!

Best wishes to you all! 

College Management