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Character Transformation Survey

Character Transformation Survey
by NG Terry - Friday, 18 September 2020, 5:54 PM

Dear Students,

The college is conducting a research project on Student Character Transformation. This year, an anonymous survey will be conducted online by the Registry which will be responsible for keeping all collected data anonymous. Your participation will be awarded with 300 pages of A4 grayscale printing quota. It will be credited to your personal account two weeks after the deadline of 22 Sep 2020. Please access the survey using your mobile phone or tablet through the below included in the email sent to you previously.


Please note that no return to previous question is allowed so please fill in every question very carefully. For privacy issue, please refer to the consent on the first page of the questionnaire.

Please join us to finish this meaningful research project. Your participation is definitely important and highly appreciated.

Thank you very much!



Dr Terry Ng