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College Updates

by AU Elisa -
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Dear Fellow Students,

Updates to Students from the College Management

Greetings to you and your family!  Hope you have all been doing fine since the last time we wrote to you, which was already a few months ago.  

College Operation Has Resumed

It is a relief to find that the COVID-19 pandemic is seemingly under control, at least in terms of the number of confirmed cases from the local community.  Given the ease of the general situation, operation of administrative offices and academic units of the College has resumed on campus.  After completing semester 2 in mid-April 2020 and the on-campus examination, the College commenced the summer semester, mainly involving Social Work students, on 11 May 2020 with on-line interactive teaching operated until the end of the month followed by teaching on campus from 1 June 2020 onward.

Experience of Off-campus Learning

Most of you have probably gone through a bit of tough times in the past few months.    Adapting to the “learning from home” mode is by no means easy for you.  With close monitoring and support measures provided, the overall feedback from teachers on students’ participation in on-line classes is in general positive, though difficulty experienced by individual students is anticipated.  There is no doubt that learning effectiveness to some extent counts very much on one’s determination and self-discipline.  With the experience you have gone through, we hope you have learnt to accept changes, and learnt to strengthen your endurance and adaptability to cope with uncertainties, which could be in whatever forms and come up at anytime.

Preparation for the Next Academic Year

As we are heading to the summer season, efforts are stepped up to prepare for the new academic year.  Promotion and publicity work will restore its momentum to recruit new students.  Staff deployment plan is being made for all academic units, including the two new Schools, i.e. School of Early Childhood Education and School of Christian Ministry, established earlier to facilitate programme administration, staffing and further development in the two areas.

We all look forward to fully resuming the normal life to a mask-free or pandemic-free world.  Before that happens, you might, in the meantime, make use of the opportunity to equip yourself with new skill set, to explore new options and new resources for enriching your learning experience and capabilities to meet new challenges in the future.  Stay positive as we believe there is always a way to work things out. 

Best wishes to you and your family!

College Management