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College Updates
by AU Elisa - Monday, 18 November 2019, 3:22 PM

Dear Fellow Students,

Updates to Students from the College Management

It is indeed encouraging to find that the WE Forum, first held in last May, was up and running again by a group of enthusiastic and committed students, who worked extra time on soliciting comments and views from their peers beforehand, organizing and conducting the forum as scheduled, and consolidating the discussion for dissemination to the student body afterwards. For those who participated on 4 November, we hope that you have found the dialogue and exchange of views sincere, fruitful and the forum worth coming. For those who missed the opportunity, you may refer to the record taken to be released to you soon by the organizing group. Here, we would like provide you with the progress of some of the major work undertaken by the College since the last update.

Learning Programme Re-accreditation

Five learning programmes currently on offer (Diploma in Pre-University Studies, Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education and the three bachelor’s degree programmes) will undergo a re-accreditation exercise by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in the first two weeks of December 2019 for the purpose of seeking continued approval of operation. With concerted efforts of the staff team, the College has completed all preparatory tasks on schedule and is ready, fully geared for the exercise.

New Programmes Offered and Planned

Programmes on Offer
In this academic year 20192020, the College has altogether 8 learning programmes. In addition to the five programmes mentioned above, new ones include three higher diploma programmes in namely, Transformative Business Management, Psychology and Counselling, and Christian Ministry. At degree level, the College has also started implementing a strategic measure of Year 3 entry across the board to respond to the needs for articulation from sub-degree graduates or learners with relevant prior education. To accommodate the needs of working adults, the College has introduced part-time study mode and evening classes for some programmes as well.

Programmes Planned
Under development in the past few months are two bachelor’s degree programmes, one in Early Childhood Education, and another one in Christian Ministry, to provide articulation path for respective higher diploma students in the discipline. Likewise, a higher diploma in Social Work is under planning as the feeder programme of the existing Bachelor of Social Work.

More Gratians on Campus

As stated in the last College Update, we anticipate a better student intake for the academic year 20192020. It is pleasing to note that a total number of new students (93) is recorded, representing an over 100% increase in comparison with the corresponding figure (42) of last academic year.

Campus Development

After rounds of discussion between the College management and the grantee of the lease of the campus building, progress has been made in the attainment of mutual understanding and shared intention of re-developing the existing campus to facilitate the College to achieve its vision and mission. It is hoped that there will be some good progress to share with you in the next update.

Student Support

In view of the social incidents arising from the Extradition Bill, the College is aware of the impact it may have on our students. Contact points that are in place have been reiterated to students via Moodle and emails should they need to seek assistance. As for the provision of counselling service that appears to be an issue of concern raised on 4 November, the College will closely assess its sufficiency and follow up with the Student Development Office.

Last but not the least, we would like to stress that the management welcomes opportunities to enhance your better understanding of Gratia’s operation and development as an important stakeholder of the College. We look forward to the next WE Forum in the second semester!

With best wishes!

College Management