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[LIB] Library 101 - eBooks 電子書 + Test Your Knowledge🤔

[LIB] Library 101 - eBooks 電子書 + Test Your Knowledge🤔

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-----Test Your Knowledge🤔------

Q. When searching for reliable information, what should you look for? 當尋找可靠的資訊時,你應該看什麼?

AInformation published only in the last year 僅去年發布的信息

B. An author who is a professor. 作者是一位教授。

C. An author who has the necessary expertise to write about a topic. 具有撰寫某個主題所需的專業知識的作者。

The answer is Cat🤣 . Because the Experts often have a reputation within their respective fields. Their work may be recognized and cited by other experts, researchers, and professionals, further indicating the reliability and impact of their contributions. 

答案是C一隻貓🤣。 因為專家往往在各自領域享有盛名。 他們的工作可能會得到其他專家、研究人員和專業人士的認可和引用,進一步表明他們貢獻的可靠性和影響力。

While expertise is important, evaluating objectivity, biases, and source credibility, as well as cross-referencing with other reliable sources, are crucial for determining information reliability.



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