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GCC Examination Papers

GCC Examination Papers

Wong Sandy -

Gratia Christian College Library Announcement


The Examination Papers received from the Schools and Departments of the Gratia Christian College are now accessible via the GCC Library Catalogue: 

§GE1402 – Chinese for Professionals

§GE1404b – Chinese for Social Work

§GE1405c – English for Psychology

§GE1501 – Critical Thinking

§MM2203 – Basic Accounting Principles

§MM2204 – Intermediate Accounting Principles

§MM2207– Principles of Marketing

§MM2208 – Management Information System

§PY1101 – Introduction to Psychology

§PY1102 – Developmental Psychology

§PY1103 – Introduction to Statistics

§PY1201 – Social Psychology

§PY2202 – Motivation and Emotion

 For copyright reasons, the GCC Examination Papers are provided solely to GCC staff and students for private study and research purposes only.

Should you have queries, please contact the Library at 5804-4141 (telephone) or libinfo@gratia.edu.hk  

Thank you very much.