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College Updates

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Dear Fellow Students,

Updates to Students from the College Management

Hope this message finds you well and you are all in good health!  We totally understand that some of you might be at a loss amidst this unprecedented situation brought by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.  Besides notifying you earlier about the class arrangement, the College management finds it an opportune time to provide you with an update on the College operation and what we have been doing behind the scene, and most important of all, to keep the College and students stay connected.

College Opening Hours and Staffing Arrangement

With effect from 3 February 2020, the College campus opens from 10 am to 3 pm (Monday to Friday) and closes on Saturday until further notice.  Although normal operation of the College is inevitably affected, efforts are being made to ensure that essential services are delivered on campus during this period.  With staff’s safety cautiously considered, each unit/office/school has arranged their staff members taking turn to work on campus.  Please don’t hesitate to approach us should you need information or support from the College as both staff on campus and those working from home will attend to your needs.  

Health Condition of the College Community

As a measure of health control of viral infection, we have set up the online system of Health Declaration Form for completion by both staff and students.  We urge you to make use of the system to provide update if deemed needed as it helps the College management keep track of the latest health condition of members of the College community and implement appropriate follow-up actions or support measures.

Teaching and Learning

It is unfortunate that we could not resume classes on campus after the Chinese New Year and will have to suspend them until 15 March 2020, subject to further notice.  As announced earlier, starting from the week of 17 February 2020, all on-line lectures are conducted according to the time table of semester 2 and attendance is taken for official records.  The ITSO and Registry have been making their best efforts to ensure seamless transition to the on-line delivery.  As continuity of learning is of primary importance, you are highly encouraged to seek assistance from your lecturer and mentor if you encounter difficulties.  You are also encouraged to make use of the e-resources of the College library for access to e-databases and e-books to supplement your learning.

Other Updates

New programme development as mentioned in the last College Update continues during the period, including two bachelor’s degree programmes, namely in Early Childhood Education and in Christian Ministry, and a higher diploma in Social Work.  The timeline and arrangements of respective accreditation exercises are subject to further development of the situation.

In consideration of possible risks and uncertainties of the epidemic, the College has further postponed the Graduation Ceremony for the graduate cohort of 2019 to some time in the second half of the year 2020.  Updates on the arrangement will be announced in due course.

Feedback and Support

Under the current circumstances, on campus student activities of any kinds, including the WE Forum have to be suspended.  While we are not sure when we could meet you in person in the next forum, the College management would welcome as always students’ feedback, especially on teaching and learning during this period.  If you are in need of support or advice from the College Counsellor, you might seek online counseling service by advance appointment (Monday and Thursday from 9 am – 5 pm).  

In the past few weeks, we understand that you might have stress or worries in one way or another.  As a student of Gratia, it’s time to demonstrate your strength and resilience.  Putting your focus on learning is the way to go during the tough times.  The College will closely monitor the on-line arrangements and make timely announcements/updates as needed.  Please keep checking out messages from the College, and remain in touch with us.

With best wishes!

College Management