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[URGENT] Change your Default Password (Moodle)

[URGENT] Change your Default Password (Moodle)

by NG Terry -
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Dear All,

I write to request your immediate attention to change the default password which was issued to you upon Student Registration. Such a default password is too weak that may be broken easily by hackers. Here is the link for password changing: https://ldap.gcc.edu.hk/chpassword.php

For your information, the College Information Systems have been subject to hacking for months. Although the threat has been stopped "for the time being" by fortifying the firewall, it will be disastrous if the hacker succeeded hacking into any one of the accounts with weak password!

It is noted that some of you have not changed the default password since it was issued, it posts not only a serious threat to the security of the College IT infrastructure but a threat to your data privacy too. You are, therefore, urged to act immediately to change the default password to a stronger one. Here is the link for password changing: https://ldap.gcc.edu.hk/chpassword.php

To avoid becoming a victim of network hacking, the following measures will be implemented:

  1. Strong Default Password issued to all newly registered students (after 13 March 2024);
  2. Password to all the SPSS VM will be changed (after 17 May 2024);
  3. Any accounts using a weak default password, "GratiaS2XXXXXXX", will be disabled on 2 May 2024. The disabled students will be informed by email;
  4. A randomly generated strong password will be used for each of the disabled accounts. The disabled accounted will be enabled on or before 17 May 2024;

Since step 3 and 4 will increase the ITSO workload tremendously, your cooperation is much appreciated to take immediate action to change the weak default password. Here is the link for password changing: https://ldap.gcc.edu.hk/chpassword.php


Thank you for you attention. 


Dr Terry NG
Director of Information Technology